Types of Towing Services

Basically Towing means the one vehicle tow or lift another breakdown or not working vehicle with some properties.Towing service is only done by professionals because it is difficult procedure.Towing is changes with type of size of vehicle.When your car or vehicle is breakdown or suffered with accident or any other repair or maintenance problem then you need to call for dome professional towing service. There are various types of towing as per customers requirement or problem.
Towing companies suggests what kind of towing that gives for customers with their vehicles condition.

Flatbed Towing

1.Flatbed Tow Trucks-This is most secure way of towing.Many Towing services used this towing for tow the vehicle because it is most professional usable and safest way of towing without harming your vehicle.
It uses unique type of truck.Flatbed towing means there is one empty flat platform connected with truck which have commonly 4 wheels.this flatbed tracks mainly work with hydraulic lift system which move up and down.
only you should drive your car on that ramp then all process will done with towing company.

2.Wheel Lift Towing- Wheel Lift towing is mainly used for light duty vehicle.This system is similar to hook and chain which operated by driver or operator. Operator orates York and drag your vehicle with care.
This system work best when they attach to the drive wheels and then a second set of small wheels are attached for transport.this method is commonly used because it is cheaper than any other towing process and saves your money.

Integrated Towing

3.Integrated Tow Trucks-This towing method is more professional than any other method but this method is used for heavy duty vehicles like bus rigs.This system have one extra axle for strength which gives more power for tow the bus.If you have any bus or heavy duty vehicle and it may suffer from accident or any other problem like flatbed or anything then go with this method.

4.Hook and Chain Towing – This methods name is telling a lot about system.This method is not used more because it may damage your vehicle,its operation and chains will dent or scratch your vehicle.This method is used when your vehicle is junkyard or any cargo vehicle then it is the best method for you.We suggest don’t go with this method because it is obsolete.

If you have any Light Duty,medium duty or heavy duty vehicle and it may comes in any breakdown problem then go with Vehicle Recovery Services,Before you call your towing company you have to choose your type of towing service that helps you better, So choose your towing technique wisely.

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