Tips for Used or New Car Before Buy

When we are going to buy car there was alot of questions in our mind.Lots of people buy a new car or used car. We are giving you tips that used for both cars i.e new or used.
If you want a car with quality and lower price then used car is the best option for you, and we are giving you right way choose your car.

  • Analyze your need of car-First of all you have to know about what kind of car suits for your needs? Like You might not want a Mercedes for your 50-mile-round-trip commute.
    So First dont go with your favorite car go with your lifestyle’s car that suits your pocket.
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  • Call for Appointment with Car Dealer-Make a list of cars that you want to take test drive and call for appointment for your shortlisted cars.Take an appointment for various timeline.
  • Check your Cars Interior and Exterior- If you are going to buy for used car then first you should check all interior and exterior.In the exterior section you have to check is there some dent,scratches or damage.
    If the dent or scratches is small then dont worry,but the larger dents may cause concern.Checkout outside of car is there any uneven panel lines. If there is UN even panel lines maybe the vehicle was in accident.
    Checkout paint over spray on upper side of the car. checkout doors operations may operate smoothly like open or close.
    In the interior area check all lights are working. checkout carpet or mats.If you are taking new car then you dont have to check more because salesman gives you all idea about car features and all.
  • Go for Test Drive -After inspecting interior and exterior if all the things good then go for test drive.Before starting the engine checkout all the dashboard warning lights are working or not.after checking these things of a used car.
    Start the engine and checkout any unusual sound is hearing or not,because for a used car there will be some engine sound or brake noise will occur due to used car so you should check these kind of sound. after checking all were OK then go for ride
    with various types of roads and change speed and gear transmission i.e working transmission is smoothly or not.
    above transmission point is also used for new car also it may working smoothly or not.
  • Checkout Comfort level- Can you easily get in and out? Do you actually fit in the seat? Please be seated in front side and backside also,because of their comfort level for you and your family is OK or not.
  • Check or Ask Mileage- Mileage is not considered for all people because for new cars there will be good mileage that you have given by company.
    For used car maybe good mileage with good condition of car will best for you. but if low mileage with good condition of car will also be not good decision to take a car for some of the people.
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There are some more points like previous vehicle history and preowned certificate is giving you are not? Please check these last point also for used vehicle.

Above are some points for that we have to check for buying used or new car.Hope you get good information for your car.

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All The Best………

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