In this world lots people have cars with various companies.There are lots of companies in cars, when we have car we are using it Daily, weekly or some of the people occasionally.
when we are using the car we should take care of our car. There is one question in all of our mind that is How to maintain our car or how to care with our car.

Today I am giving you some basic tips for Car Care.

  1. Wash our car on regular Basis.
    we have to maintain our car with washing it inside and outside,because when we are caring our body with regular basis then our car is also one of our life’s part. So keep your car clean with proper way. Wash your wheels,tier,glass and other parts.
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2.Clean and Check your wipers.
Roads Visibility is must when we are driving a car.Wipers are the one of the important part of our car.we have to check that is there have enough water in wipers and clean it. Wipers are mostly use in Rainy season,but we are not checking their rubbers. Change it when not working properly.

3.Check oil and change it Regularly.
Every Car’s engine oil is one of the essential part.There are lots of components which are depend on engine oil.In our everyday life we are not checking oil properly so for best car care we should change our engine oil regularly.

4.Check the Lights before you go outside.
All cars have Head lamp,Tail lamp,Fog lamp,Break light. When we are using our car we have to check lights are working or not? because in the night period we are more using the lights.

5.Checkout your Tire Pressure.
When we are going for a long trip or any long ride we should check tire pressure,because tire pressure affects on car handling and for smooth car working.If tire pressure is too low then maybe your tire will blow out and you will go in trouble so please check it regularly

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6.Change Air filter.
Air filter is also the essential part of car,which increase fuel if you are not changing air filter then your car will not going smooth in a way of fuel efficiency.

7.Check Your Car Battery.
Car Battery is useful part of any maintenance purpose,because car battery gives power to electrical Part.Replace your car battery with 2-3 years.If your battery is not working well then your car will not start properly and your electrical system will not start.

Above are some basic tips which are using for your car care if it is not doing for yourself then go to mechanic and try to learn these basic car care tips.

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